Winning the Lottery – How Would it Change My Life?

What would I do if I won the lottery? The very first thing would be to make sure that my wife and I went away for a few days and “celebrated”. Then we would sit and talk about what we wanted to do so that we did not make the same mistakes others have made. Even if you have so much money you think you could not possibly lose it, you need to think again. There are stories all the time about people who lost their fortune.We would get rid of all remaining creditors.

I would find the best CPA I could find. I would take a percentage of our money and give it to our church. Then we would find a place to live that would be nice but not “posh.” It would be a comfortable location for my wife and I and our two sons that are still at home. We have a son with a wife and an 18-month-old daughter and 4-month-old twins. We would give each son a certain amount of money as well as put some in trust.

My wife and I would put some money in trust for ourselves. Next we would travel. We have always wanted travel. We would go away for a couple months with a video camera. When we came home we would talk it and I would write about it.

I would start a business. I have an idea for a non-alcoholic pub that encourages young artists and musicians. We would serve food and coffee and soft drinks. When a musician was trying to get discovered we would take their CD’s and put them on shelves on the wall to sell.

The next thing I would do is to start housing for homeless people and next we would have a farm for animals where they would go to be taken care of. We would invest money in the area of abuse and further invest money in the area of aging. We would invest money in these areas and I would have the time to write about them.

What is wealth? Money is just part of wealth. Family is important. Further, it is impossible to provide security for yourself no matter how much you have.

How would winning the lottery affect me?

I would get to try my hand at a business that I think would work; I would get to travel with my wife; I could go to as many baseball games as I wanted to; I could buy a nice house; I could help our church; I could start a homeless shelter, give money to aging research and wife and child abuse. I would get rid of creditors. Finally I could help my children.

My wife and I would continue to travel and we would make it a hobby to find out we could help people.


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