Winning the Lottery Changes Lives – This is How it Would Change Mine

Winning the lottery is something most people dream would happen to them. It would certainly help many people that are down on their luck or just getting by. Although one is never certain how you would react in the face of huge moments in life, I would like to think that this is how my life would be altered by winning the lottery.1. No, I would not quit my job. I love my job. However, my husband might quit his and take his time finding something he truly enjoys doing, rather than something he feels he has to do to pay the bills. Whatever he would chose I am certain it would be music related. Perhaps working in a music store or opening his own, maybe even going back to music engineering which is what he went to school for.

  1.  We would help our family and friends. My mother in law was recently diagnosed with a serious, degenerative disease. The family has been extremely helpful and supportive and we would be able to actually be as financially supportive of my in laws now when they need it, as they were for us when we needed it. We would do everything we could to make sure that all the people that we care for are as well off as we can.
  2.  Education funds for the children. If I won the lottery, my children would not have to decide on what school to go to based on where we can afford to send them. They would only be limited by their own achievements, desires, and where they have been accepted. While we are already putting away as much money as we can to fund this dream, the aid of lottery winnings would go a long way to making it a reality.
  3.  A new home. My husband and I are currently house hunting, and seeing things homes we can not afford as well as ones we could not subject ourselves or our children to. It would be amazing if we had the extra funds to buy our absolute dream house, rather than the best we can afford.
  4.  Help the local and global charities we trust. I wish I had more money to spare for charities like the Humane Society, the Red Cross and local food pantries. I give as much time, food and money as I can now, but with two toddlers and a mortgage looming in my near future I am afraid that it is not very much. I would love to help the people both locally and globally that are hungry. Animals that have been abused and need homes, shelter and food. There is so much need out in the world, I would like to have the opportunity to make a bigger dent in the ever-growing need and have a positive impact.

Looking at how I would spend my lottery winnings, I wonder. Would I actually follow through on these desires, or would I splurge and go for a fancy house and car. I hope that I would follow the plan I have here, and that whoever does win the lottery attempts to help the world around them rather than simply collecting material goods. What would you do?

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