The Day We Almost Won the Lottery

Buying a lottery ticket can be an exciting experience, one that is filled with the anticipation of how your life could change if you won the jackpot.This is a story about how we almost won the lottery, and it took place about 8 years ago.

I was living in Indiana at the time, and had gone home to the UK to visit the family.

My Dad was really pleased to see me, and he suggested that we went to the local supermarket to buy something to drink.

While we were there, since it was a Saturday, and the National Lottery had rolled over, he suggested that we buy a couple of lottery tickets, so I agreed.

Normally I would have just got a quick pick ticket, but my Dad wanted us to pick numbers, so we took it in turns to select our lucky numbers, my Dad filling in the card, and we waited in line at the counter.

Just then I noticed that there was a posting of the numbers for the last lottery drawing, and what numbers do you think had won the jackpot?

You guessed it, the very same numbers that we had subconsciously picked.

If only I had been visiting a week sooner, we just might have been wealthy now, but who knows, fate might have determined that we would pick different numbers, or in fact the winning numbers themselves might have been different.

You can’t change events in the past, or at least not in the real world. Maybe that’s a good thing though, but it would be nice to win the lottery and to know that I had enough money to see me through retirement.

Have you ever won the lottery? Please tell us about it.

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