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Powerball Lottery Weak Points

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Powerball and Mega Millions bettors will like to win consistently. The two big names and other lotto games pay huge money when you win. The enigma is winning the top money. That puzzle could be solved if you understand how.

Powerball And Mega Million Know How

You cannot quite understand how to win without exploring the path to losing. I will use the trade mark names Powerball and Mega Millions interchangeably from this point for the rest of this article. Please bear in mind that the two names henceforth encompass all lotto games, including Lotto Max, Euro Millions and China lotto.

This report will give you the clear path to winning lotto consistently. Please read it in its’ entirety.

Losing Powerball

You are not going to find articles out there discussing losing Powerball. I will show you how to win Powerball consistently. You cannot do that without understanding why many bettors lose.

The bettors have that natural urgency to win. That urgency might have lasted for several years. The urge makes most people play Mega Millions without actually trying to figure out the cost of playing. That urge is major path of what creates compulsion.

The professionals in any discipline plan, practice before execution. You could be in the basket ball match watching games. One of the players might make one superb move and dunk the ball. The Fans will jump, scream and clap in appreciation.

The reality is that the professional player practiced that move several times. That same plan, practice and execution should be accorded the Powerball. You cannot produce precision and captivation without execution. You cannot win the Powerball consistently without understanding the numbers.

Powerball Weak Points

You need six numbers to win the Powerball. In the case of Powerball, the odd of winning is 1:195 million plus. That is very high odds to contend with. If you remove just one number from the six required potential winners, the odds go down by over 195 million. Please think about that for one minute.

This means that the odds will go down at a much higher rate whenever you drop one number. The weakest point of the Powerball game is going down to just one number. That will be the lowest possible point.

This knowledge means that it is best to work on the Powerball games based on columns instead of rows. The rows confines you within the mercy of 195 million odds. The knowledge of working on the numbers per column will put you in the odd calculation of 1:100. That is a very big difference on per column calculation versus the six number odd calculation of over 195 million.

The Big Question

How do I work out the winning numbers per column?

The winning Powerball numbers per column have a direct relationship with prior results. The Powerball numbers play in groups. Those groups are based on trends. I will demonstrate this with one group below.

Winning Powerball

Let me demonstrate one group that played in the Powerball based on a given trend. The winning Powerball numbers in the group are 1, 4 and 48. The group is like a circle. The numbers move in continuous rotation.

The most important thing here is understanding that the group move in tandem.

The trend started the year with winning Powerball number 48 on 1/12/2011. It came back on 2/16/2011. The next winner in the trend is number 4 that drooped five results later 1/26/2011. On the one-month anniversary of the beginning of the trend Powerball number 48 came back. That date was 2/12/201 which, by the way, will be five results later from winning number 4.

The number 4 repeated as well on its one-month anniversary, which will be 2/26/2011. This will be five results later from the last winner. You can now begin to appreciate the power of trend. All lotto numbers must move on a set trend. The number 48 played two more times.

The third number in the group HIT to complete the first rotation. That was number 1 (one) that played on 3/12/2011. It came back with number 4.

It is worth noting that it played on the third month anniversary of the beginning of the trend. It did, by the way, come five results from the last winner. The power play is another important spice in the midst that most people do not pay attention to.

The power play is the multiplication of the number of times your winnings will increase. That of course is applicable if you make that choice. If you take another look at the power play, you will notice that the rotation started with 4 and completed with 4.

The power play does go through the same trends. If you master how the trends work, you will know when to put a lot of money in the power play. You do not have to get all six numbers to win BIG. I will not elaborate further on that at this point.

The history of the group so far shows that number 1, 4 and 48 move in tandem. The number 1 is among the least numbers drawn so far. It played about five times out of sixty Powerball drawings this year. This makes it the most difficult to calculate. The rest of the group plays in relation to number one.

The winning numbers could be easily worked out with more than one group to make you a consistent winner.

Winning Powerball and Mega millions Continued

The group came second time around with number 4 on 4/13/2011 with a repeat of number 4 five results later on 4/27/2011. They are not going to follow the same pattern at all times. The game is not meant to be that simple. They are in business to make money. The number 4 played for the third time on 5/25/2011.

Please bear in mind that number 1 as one major component of the group played only once for the first half of this year. It did, however, continued the second half on 7/2/2011 and repeated two Powerball results later on 7/9/2011.

The number 1 came back with 4 on 7/20/2011 and dropped again on 7/23/2011. You can see that number is becoming more frequent in the second part of this year.

The third phase of the rotation will be all three numbers playing in one result. There are other groups that will bring the missing numbers consistently.

The key to getting all the numbers is having the groups or studying the groups and following the trends. The mastery of the trends will give you the advantage of getting the winning Powerball numbers based on odd calculations of 1:100 instead of 1:195 million plus.

The opportunity to make big money exist every week. You need to understand trends and work on the winning Powerball numbers based on actual results drawn instead of numerical order. The actual Powerball results drawn creates convergence on trend calculations while the numerical order creates divergence. The former could make the difference between winning $200000 rather than $10000. On a RICHER point, it could make you the next POWERBALL WINNER.

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