Pennsylvania Lottery, Retailers and Players Benefit on 7-7-07

On 7-7-07, the Pennsylvania lottery conducted the Millionaire Raffle, where 7,777 lucky winners shared a pot totaling $6,456,700. The Pennsylvania Lottery said the raffle included five $1,000,000 prizes, five $100,000 prizes, two hundred $1,000 prizes, and 7,567 prizes of $100 each. The raffle tickets contained an eight-digit number that had to match the drawn numbers exactly to be a winner. A press release stated that the 625,000 tickets made available for this raffle sold out at 6:01 PM on 7-6-07 after going on sale on May 29th.The winning numbers were drawn at 7 PM (Eastern) on 7-7-07, and the winning numbers for the top ten prizes were televised live. All other winning numbers were drawn off-air and were posted to the official website of the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Winning numbers in the $1,000,000 drawing are:

Winning numbers in the $100,000 drawing are:

Winning numbers for the $1000 and $100 drawings can be found at

It is not simply the player or winner that benefits from the Pennsylvania Lottery. Outlets that sell winning tickets are given monetary rewards. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also benefits through the Lottery's contributions to programs that support older Pennsylvanians, including PACE and PACENET and a wealth of other senior-aimed initiatives. In the July 6th PRNewswire press release, Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director Ed Trees reported that, "Combined sales for all four Raffles have generated about $19 million for programs that benefit older Pennsylvanians." Although just a fraction of the proceedings of these raffles, the money is greatly needed and well-spent by the programs and agencies that are recipients.

The following odds were calculated for this raffle:

$1,000,000 Prize – 1:125,000
$100,000 Prize – 1:125,000
$1,000 Prize – 1:3125
$100 Prize – 1:83
Any Prize – 1:80

The Pennsylvania Lottery advises all ticket holders to sign the back of their tickets and report winning numbers to lottery officials as soon as possible.


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