NJ Lottery, Increase Your Chances at Winning

Everyone has the dream of being rich. So rich they don’t ever have to worry about what anything costs, they just buy what they want. Many people hope to achieve this dream by playing the lottery. Buy a ticket and the dreams start, all until you check the numbers and realize you still have to go to workThe secret to winning at any of the games the NJ Lottery offers is there is no secret. You are still going to need some luck. What many people don’t know is you can increase your odds with a little homework. I’m not talking about math homework. I made charts and analyzed them. I thought, for sure, halfway through my caculations I had found a way to predict the winning numbers in advance. Sadly for you, and more importantly me, none of this helped me. I did gain some knowledge that will help us, though.

Most people treat the games of the NJ Lottery just as their names suggest, games of chance. Whether it be the Pick 3, Pick 4,Cash 5, Pick 6, MegaMillions, or Powerball they often allow the lottery machine to pick the numbers or base their picks on some combination of “lucky” numbers. Birthdates, ages, any numbers that have signifigance to them that are available for play. Luck still plays a big part in winning any of the big prizes, however, you can definitely increase your chances.

The NJ Lottery has a great, beautiful website. If you are a frequent player of any of the games I’m sure you have visited it from time to time to check your numbers. You Google lottery results and click on the page. If you want to truly increase your odds of winning this page should immediately become one of your favorites. The secret to winning any of the games is on that website. To increase your odds you will have to learn how to use the information that it provides, and it gives you so much more than just the winning numbers.

Past winning numbers can be invaluable to you. They show you which numbers have a higher chance of appearing in a winning combination. They show you which numbers are “hot” currently. This is extremely important in the game Pick 3 where it is more likely for an unmatched number to win. For example the number 347 is much more likely to pay off in any number of ways than say 344 or especially 444. By seeing which numbers are trending you can make combinations with a higher likelihood of winning than just using your phone or house number. You can use this method to pick your numbers for everything else from the Pick 4 right up to the Mega or Powerball games. While using the numbers that are “hot” won’t guarantee you a win, they will dramatically increase your chances when compared to the randomness of birthdays or having the machine pick them for you.

The one series of NJ Lottery games people feel leave the most to chance are scratch offs. Nothing could be further from the truth. The website shows you all the different scratch offs currently being sold in the state. It also tells you how many of each prize is available. If someone were to tell you that the top prize had already been won, would you buy that ticket? Of course not, but that’s what the website does. By scanning all the tickets you can find those that still have either the most prizes still available or the most valuable or both. A secret not on the site is the best way to increase your odds further in scrath offs is to buy the more expensive ones. For example the odds of winning on a $1 ticket are 1 in 9, while the chance to win on a $2 ticket goes up to 1 in 3.

We all want to make our lives easier. The lottery seems to be the only chance for some of us. The good thing is by doing a little homework you can increase your odds. The better your odds the less luck you will need. I just hope if you do win you remember me, maybe writing this will increase my odds. Good luck.

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