Learn the Strategies Behind Half Time Betting

Every knowledgable sportsbook bettor is acquainted with the basic rules of wagering a game. Pick either side of the spread and await the end game. Legitimate and reputable sportsbooks offer a myriad of betting types, such as parlays (playing multiple game ¨sets¨ and winning huge profits if each game is won), teasers (where you can ¨buy¨ points to increase the likelihood of covering the spread), and other gimmick type games. Did you know that you can place wagers on halftime bets as well?For the neophytes, halftime betting is simply betting on second half lines – not the full game. Some sportsbooks offer this choice of betting and others do not. Usually, the more members a sportsbook has, the more betting options they provide. In order for Las Vegas to stuff even more profits into their bulging pockets, oddsmakers work diligently during halftime to come up with second half spreads based on the first half performances of the teams involved. A common strategy of sportsbook betting is avoid a full game bet and analyze the first half to determine the best course of action for the second half. According to the mindsets of each individual bettor, this presents an increased likelihood of winning money – since first half performances can dictate the second half.

Las Vegas oddsmakers use second half spreads to their advantage. By posting strategically decided second half lines, they can avoid full game losses or attract betting to the opposite side if the majority of the public leaned on one team to win the game. This is an effective way of recouping or minimizing losses on behalf of the sportsbook. Oddsmakers decide second half lines based on full game lines and the publics betting habits. Remember, oddsmakers prefer to have half of the public betting on one side and the other half on the other. This way, they can use their winnings to pay their losses and make a steady profit off the ¨Bet $10 to win $9¨ juice scenario. Professional bettors love the advantage of analyzing the first half to determine their bets on the second half. For this reason, halftime lines are a popular way to wager. Strategies used by bettors to decide which team to side for include halftime adjustments, injuries on the field (the loss of a top linesman may definitely increase the opposing teams offense), weather conditions (good for over/under bets on points), and more. In a perfect world, the oddsmakers prefers for the public to bet on the favorite coming into halftime. For this reason, they manipulate second half spreads to go in their favor. A common rule of thumb is to confide in the underdog to win the contest if they played well in the first half. Often times, bettors will chose the favorite to win on a second half bet thinking they will make a comeback. Although anything can happen, let the laws of probability be in your favor. Bet smart, bet wisely, and watch the profits roll in.

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