If I Won $25 Million in the Lottery…

If I won $25 million in the lottery there would be many decisions I would have to make. First of all I would pay off all of my immediate family's bills. I cherish my family and would put them first. I would also invest some money in the stock market using the rule of 72 to make sure my children will be set and their children will be set for life. Success to me is that I left my mark on the world in some way. Investing this money would make sure my family will continue on to college and become successful in their own way.As for myself I would buy a nice house and probably a couple cars. I would not go all out on my house or the cars. I would continue to attend college to get my degree. After I graduated I would use my business knowledge to make more money using the money I won. My goal is to become a very successful business man like Donald Trump. Using this money to invest in many different things would help me achieve that goal. I would donate a lot of my money to either church or other charities. I put other people very high on my priority list so giving away this money would make me feel that I used my money in a productive way.

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