How to Win the Pick 3 Lottery in the Florida Cash 3 – NJ Pick 3 Lottery & Ohio Lottery Pick 3

The Pick 3 Lottery is the most available and popular lottery game in the United States and Canada. The Pick 3 is also the simplest lotto game to play. The player chooses one digit 0 through 9 for each of the three positions. Matching the three digits exactly to the order of the drawn winning Pick 3 numbers in one’s State Lottery will create a jackpot or “Straight” win for the player. Matching the three digits in any mixed order gives the player a “Box” win.There are 1,000 exact orders the player can choose from to play. They range from 000 to 999. The majority of State Lotteries reward the player with $500 for one $1wager Straight Win. One $1 Box ticket receives either $80 or $160 depending on the type of number drawn.

Most avid Pick 3 Lottery players, including players who play the NJ Pick 3 Lottery, Florida Cash 3, and Ohio Pick 3 Lottery, seek to find a Pick 3 Lottery System to assist them in their attempt to find the winning numbers. Playing this lottery game with random number picks or random generated “quick picks” is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Most professional players admit that in order “to win” the player needs to find a system as a way of choosing potential winning Pick 3 numbers.

All Pick 3 Systems are not the same. The quality and prices of these Systems certainly differ. These Systems have been developed by a variety of folks. Some are individuals who inherited the system from someone else by various means. Some are “professional” gamblers, some are non-professional Pick 3 players who loved this game and created their own systems over the years.

There are other number aficionados who have spent many years studying how the Pick 3 numbers interact and connect with each other to create new winning numbers, and based on their research develop a system. There are even lottery retailers who take their experience of selling lottery tickets and created a Pick 3 system.

The price for Pick 3 Systems ranges from $9.95 to $47.00. The price though isn’t the whole difference. All Pick 3 Lottery Strategies are not the same. For $37.00 the Pick 3 player may get one Strategy or he or she may get eight or more Strategies.

In order not to become a loser in the NJ Pick 3 Lottery, Florida Cash 3, Ohio Pick 3 Lottery, and even New York Numbers, one needs to purchase a good lottery system and learn how to win Pick 3 in every draw 100% of the time.

Starting out with some basic knowledge is a good beginning. There are one thousand possible exact orders to win with the Pick 3. Seventy -two percent of the possible winning numbers are “single” numbers. This means that all three digits are different, such as 123, 456, or 890. Seven hundred-twenty (720) of the 1,000 Pick 3 numbers are “single numbers”.

Next there are “double” Pick 3 numbers. Two of the three digits are matching, such as 112, 545, or 899. There are two hundred-seventy (270) “double numbers”. The last ten numbers are “triples”, for example 111, 444, or 999.

Some authors and their Systems point out the above reality, and conclude…. “If you want to learn how to win Pick 3, just play the “Single” Numbers because they represent 72% of the potential winning numbers. This is true, and it sounds good and reasonable.

What they DON”T SAY is that by only playing Single Pick 3 Numbers, the player will be a guaranteed automatic loser with about 20% to 40% of all drawn numberseach month. The sad thing is you don’t even “know” this is happening to you.

This range is established with a simple process. As I did for the months of January and February 2010, simply count all the Pick 3 “double” and “triple” numbers that were drawn during a given month. Take that total and divide it by the total number draws in that month. The answer represents the percentage of draws you were a guaranteed automatic loser because you followed some bad advice….NJ Pick 3 Lottery (22% & 26%), Florida Cash 3 Lottery (29% & 37%), Ohio Pick 3 Lottery (27% & 30%), and New York Numbers Lottery (30% & 25%).

No one I know goes into an automobile dealership to buy a new car, and agrees to purchase a new car that is only working about 80% of the time or even worse only 60% of the time.

What players want to give up 20% to 40% potential wins every month? How many players want to pass up $160 or $500 every time a Pick 3 “double” or “triple” number is drawn? Why? Because some so-called Pick 3 expert or Pick 3 system advised them not to include these types of numbers in their play.

How can you expect to win the Pick 3 Lottery when you leave that kind of money behind? One would have to have six (6) “single” Pick 3 $1 winning Box tickets to make up for every time they were a guaranteed automatic loser when a Pick 3 triple was drawn even if it were only once.

Most recently, on the weekend of March 6/7, 2010, if you are a player who plays in the following States you were an automatic loser because a “double” Pick 3 number was drawn in one or more draws….NJ Pick 3 Lottery (611), Florida Cash 3 (558), Ohio Pick 3 Lottery (774), New York Numbers (887), North Carolina Pick 3 (212), Maine Pick 3 (779), Maryland Pick 3 (767 & 787), New Hampshire Pick 3 (779), New Mexico Pick 3 (229) on 3/6…no Sunday draw,and Vermont Pick 3 (779).

So, think about the advice the “so-called” experts give you. Check it out for yourself. Take their advice and test what they say by using past monthly results. Pick 3 lottery players want to know how to win Pick 3, not how to be made guaranteed automatic losers based on bad advice or a poorly developed system. When you decide to purchase a Pick 3 Lottery System, look for one that gives you a 100% option of winning, not an 80% or 60% with playable winning Pick 3 numbers.

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