Free Bets and No-Risk Betting

The gambling business has become so big and widespread that competition to attract new users and to retain the regulars is very fierce. In this atmosphere, new gambling houses, both in real casinos and online betting , find the going very difficult unless they can come out with innovative schemes to attract people to visit their casinos or websites. One such scheme is the free bets offer. Even in this scheme there are so many variations and the problem is that even established gambling houses have started making these offers. Every day, you can see newer and newer offers coming from various gambling houses. Interestingly, even bookmakers have entered the casino business in a big way and they seem to be leading the business. The main attraction of this offer is that the player does not risk losing his own money.

A typical offer of, for example, $30 free to any player, without having to deposit any money in his account is most welcome to new entrants to gambling. The entire process is simplified as all that the player has to do is to register with the online casino and open an account. The 30 dollars will be credited to your account. You can start playing and you are allowed to play all the games the live dealer casinos have to offer. All winnings are credited to the player’s account, though a cash withdrawal is not possible. To become eligible for cash withdrawal of winnings, the player has to wager 20 times the money that has been offered to him to start playing which in this case is $600. Any winnings from this play will be automatically transferred to the player’s bank account.

Another popular casino offer is where the money offered to start the betting is very much less at only $5 and to withdraw cash here also you have to bet for 20 times the value of the free bet. The main attraction is the type of games offered and what can be earned from it. There are records of huge payments having been made to lucky winners.

The free bet scheme is even available for playing online games like bingo. As card-playing is a universally popular indoor activity, the patronage for this type of website often runs to many thousands. Here the cash withdrawal procedure is a little different. As is the usual practice with all online casinos all your winnings are credited to your account with the casino only. If you start playing with your own money with the required deposit, then all your winnings will be credited to your bank account immediately. This is a more attractive proposition than having to bet the free bonus money 20 times.

The schemes of various online casinos, who offer free and no-risk bets are similar, except for the amount they give you as free bonus for starting your betting process. The cash withdrawal scheme is almost the same in all online casinos. However you can start playing without risking your own money and for persons who gamble for pleasure it is an ideal proposition.

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