Buyer's Remorse: The Dark Side of Winning the Lottery

Winning the jackpot in the lottery is the dream of most people. You can do what you want. Money is not an issue anymore. You can get the car and house, you always dreamed about. All your worries will go away and life is great. That may be the case for some, but unfortunately too many have their lifestyle turn bad. The money is gone and debtors are looking for their money.Friends and family come out of the woodwork to wish you well and to ask you for money. The winners are beset by requests from friends they didn't know they had. It could to be to help them with debt or to invest in some kind of business. People will never look at you the same way. Typically, old friends fade fast for lottery winners. It could be from jealousy or maybe the money does change them.

While, there are many who can handle the winnings of a large jackpot, the news is full of many who handled it poorly. Like some in the entertainment industry or the sports world, sudden money can cause disaster. It can create more money than it solves. Many winners make the mistake of thinking they know what they are doing. What should these lottery winners do to prevent themselves from becoming a sad story in the news.

The lottery winners should invest most of their money and live off the earnings. If they just spend the money, there is nothing to replace it. Typically, large lottery winners buying a house is the number one option while investing is number 11. That is why some have spent all their winnings and filed for bankruptcy only a few years after winning the lottery.

There are plenty of sad tales involving lottery winners, but we will just mentioned a few and the circumstances that resulted after hitting it big in the lottery. Evelyn Adams hit the jackpot twice winning over $5,000,000. It did not take long for her to gamble that away. William Post won over $16,000,000 and his brother tried to kill him. Misfortune follows him afterwards until he lost all of his money and filed for bankruptcy.

Billie Bob Harrell JR. won over $31,000,000 and committed suicide two years later. There was not even enough money to cover the estate taxes. There are even winners of larger jackpots than this where the money was spent quickly.

Winning a large lottery prize does not always lead to lifetime happiness. In fact, often, it has made life miserable. It will change your life. It is up to the winners of the lottery to decide which way their life will go with making intelligent decisions, such as investing large sums of money in safe investments.

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