British National Lottery Releases List of Strangest Grant Requests

The British National Lottery allows for anyone that is a citizen of the United Kingdom to request grant money for a project that would help the greater good of the country, according to Reuters. Recently, the heads of the National Lottery Association released a list of the Strangest Grant Requests.The National Lottery in the United Kingdom is different from the lotteries in the United States. Instead of the money going towards education, the money goes back into the community. Anyone who believes that they have a need for grant money can request it.

There are rules for these applicants that state that the money is supposed to be used to improve the community. Many applicants do not seem to understand these rules.

The first item on the list was a citizen who believed that the National Lottery should give him money to respray his Ford Cortina. He stated that it was in great need of work, and that his car would be less of an eyesore for the community.

There are many people that sent requests in for home makeovers or garden makeovers. Like the British citizen with the Cortina, these applicants believed that it would be a great boost to the community if they had help getting this work done.

One applicant believed that grant money should go towards funding his private research. His work included trying to prove that Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton were wrong. The grant money would go towards publishing his findings.

One gentleman believed that it would be a great benefit to the community if the National Lottery gave him grants money to him to open a pub. This was quickly declined.

One applicant wanted to open a park that was similar to Jurassic Park. Not the theme part, but a park with actual dinosaurs.

One inventor believed that it would be a great benefit for all of the UK if they funded his research into dog toilets. This would clean up the environment, and keep people happy.

There was a request to pay off the debts of a filmmaker. There was no word as to who the filmmaker was.

The absolute worst idea, according to the National Lottery was a request from a Star Trek fan. He believed that the National Lottery should pay for the transformation of his house into a replica of the Starship Enterprise.

This location, according to the applicant, could be a place where lonely Star Trek fans could get together and meet each other. This would be a great boost to the morale of these citizens, and this would transfer to others in the community.


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