AFC Title Game Colts Vs. Jets Betting Prediction

The Jets and Colts will do battle in an AFC title game showdown this weekend and the betting lines are already out for the big game.Mark Sanchez has played well as a rookie but can he lead the Jets to another upset win over Peyton Manning and the Colts in the AFC Title Game? The early line is 7 1/2 points in favor of the Colts.

Betting predictions for the game are coming out and most seem to favor the Colts at least in terms of a straight up win but can the Jets cover the spread and keep this game close?

AFC Title Game Colts vs. Jets Betting Prediction

The key for the Jets to keep this game close and cover the betting line on this AFC title game weekend coming up is to run the ball to shorten the game and keep the clock running against the Colts.

Shonn Greene came out of left field (in some peoples' eyes) this past weekend against the Chargers as the former Iowa standout and rookie ran wild for over 100 yards.

Greene is the kind of shifty, one cut, powerful runner who can do well against the favored Colts' fast, attacking defense.

But Mark Sanchez probably isn't likely to fare well against a tough Colts pass rush. In fact, with Sanchez playing as a rookie in the AFC title game, it's a wonder that the betting line for Colts vs. Jets isn't higher than the 7 1/2-point mark going into this one.

The Colts should be able to score more than 20 points despite the Jets' solid defense thanks to their depth of weapons including the emerging Austin Collie at WR along with Dallas Clark at TE.

The Jets probably won't score much more than 14 points or so, however.

In the end, the betting line for this one should be small enough for the Colts to overcome in the AFC title game. The prediction here, like many other predictions that have come out so far, is that the Colts win this one by a comfortable margin and take the AFC title in the process.

The prediction: Colts win the AFC Title, 28-14 over the Jets.

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