A Dream Come True – Winning the Lottery

Winning the lottery would be like a dream come true for most people and for me. Here are the five ways in which winning the lottery would change my life for the better. It’d definitely enable me to live my dreams in different areas of my life.1. First, I’d buy my dream house. It is a sustainable off grid dream house that’s eco-friendly on at least 20-30 acres of land on the north east side of the Big Island near the coast. It’d be solar and wind powered. There will be water catchment tanks to capture rain water then run that through the filters. Besides being energy efficient, the house will have a large vegetable garden and grow enough food to feed everyone that lives there and have a surplus of food to sell at the local farmer’s market. I will also build cabins on the land to rent out to people that want to stay there on vacation or for farm workers that want to stay there in exchange for tending to the landscape and gardens.

  1. The second thing I’d do is to give my parents some of my lottery winnings so that they can retire the next day and travel or live where they want to without worrying about money. My parents have rarely gone on vacation and they constantly worry about not having enough money to retire so doing that for them will mean a lot to me.
  2. The third thing I’d do with the lottery winnings is to go back to college and major in something that is fun and that I enjoy doing and not worry about whether that career choice will yield a high paying job or not. I’d go into it for the love and joy of it. And I’d also pay for my brother’s advanced college education as well and pay off his student loans. This will take a big burden off his back and he can live his life without struggling to pay off all those loans.
  3. I want to open and create a shelter for abused children and runaway teens. This will offer them a safe place to stay and to grow in peace and quiet. They also have the option of volunteering and helping out at the farm if they want to; if not then they can just concentrate on their studies and schooling. I want to put enough money into a trust to run that shelter and employ someone to manage the shelter and oversee them children.
  4. I want to travel around the world and to see different places and culture. I want to be able to do this with the person that I love and not have to worry about running out of money during my travels. Winning the lottery will be very helpful and enable me to really get to see more places and experience different things.

That’s the top five things I’d do if I won the lottery tomorrow and it would indeed change my life for the better. Having money isn’t a bad thing if you do good things with it, and having come from a poor background I can definitely appreciate all the things I will be able to do with the lottery winnings.

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